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Leyla Black is one of the best looking porn actresses in recent memory. That's the good news. The bad news is, this is Fist Flush. It's like Give Me Pink, with more eww. Will Leyla be able to save this video? No. I love the 15 or so minutes of previewing Leyla's body, as it is with the new style of videos. Then she goes after her ass with a monster dildo. So far, lovely. However her actions, the dildo, and the camera don't seem to be in sync like with more recent videos. There are times when I wanted to get close up to get a better view, and the camera does the opposite, and vice versa. The video takes a nosedive when we go inside. Speaking of going inside, Leyla, in all her beauty and glamour, goes 5 fingers (plus some knuckles) deep into her ass. She's so hot, but she couldn't get me past the fisting. Look, I know it's called Fist Flush, but I wanted to give it a shot. Bring Cum for Cover or Pure POV back! In the end, if you are into this sort of thing, this should be a good catch. Leyla Black can almost do no wrong. (If you are reading this Leyla, I still love you!) - Civlor
Fistflush is not my favorite of PerfectGonzo's many websites but it can sure make for an interesting video. This newer video stars Leyla Black who is a tall slim light brown haired beauty with a special talent--she can work her hand into her ass, at least just past her knuckles! Wonder how much practice this took to learn. The video starts slowly with a long glance at Leyla's wonderful long legs and great body. She has killer legs! A tattoo on her left side looks good on her. And her tight gold minidress frames her perfect ass so nicely. I love the image at 13:30 or so when she is exposing her ass and pussy to us while perched on a chair outside. Wouldn't you like to glimpse the girl next door doing that? The real action starts when she primes her asshole with a fleshy dildo, then shows us her special skill-a five finger assfuck! Whoa! Close up video shows us how it's done. No special magic but an incredibly talented girl! As a solo scene, the action is slow to build. But Leyla is a sexy star with a freaky talent so you gotta watch! Mmmgood
OMG ! Finally some Solo Anal Fisting on FistFlush !!! She's not as hard on herself as Bonnie but she totally knows how to make it really sexy !!!
We totally needs more scene like that !!!
Two Thumbs Up Perfectgonzo !!!