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What a nice combination. Girl-next-door looks with an incredible ass. The first time the camera really focuses on her ass reminded me of the majesty ancient explorers must of felt when they discovered the new world. And much like the new world, Brandy's ass is bountiful, beautiful, and goes on forever. The netting she wears just accentuates her curves even further. Even better, Brandy shows us on the dildo that she can suck a cock too. Perhaps it is just my imagination, or the thousands and thousands of hours I have spent watching porn, but the look in her eyes tells me she is a dirty girl and enjoys a triple-x throw down. Her moans are a beautiful blend of slow cries interspersed with the crackling sound of her pleasure. Being a GMP video, you really get in there and hear the sounds the dildo makes diving into Brandy's warm, juicy hole. I'm a big fan of the extreme close-ups of her pussy, mouth, and face. I love looking directly into the abyss as she hypnotically moves her fingers in her pussy and her studded tongue in her mouth. I just want to dive in. It makes you want to lose control and jam your dick up in there, but then you remember how expensive computer monitors and hospital stays are now-a-days. - Civlor
Brandy is sexy. I like this blond. She has a great round ass, very teasing. I like these net or stockings outfits, which can be a idea for some next scenes. Another good stuff is the transparent dildo, showing her vagina.
Brandy is quite a sexy girl and all natural that delivers a solid performance. I am not into net outfits though and would have preferred to see her in some sexy underware but the view of her ass through the netting when she was sitting on the bar stool quite tempting and arousing. Pussy play and close up photography superb as well as the toy insertions. She could have been a little more confident in her role but none the less quite exciting. Love her face and expressions so I will give her a B for her performance.
Brandy was a fantastic choice. Great casting. This was a great choice for an outfit. Brandy's body is made for the body stocking look. I love belly button jewelry and it was nice to see well-manicured pubes. Brandy clearly isn't all that comfortable in heels or doing the crawling tease on that hard wood floor. I have never seen a girl put that off. Crawling only works on carpet. Her strong point was the masturbation. She managed to put on a good show. It was easy to see she wasn't faking her enjoyment. She is a really beautiful girl, great face, fantastic ass, hopefully you guys had her perform some sex as well and we will see that soon.
There had to be talking, Why? The models name is shown in the first minute, yet when the camera person says hello he asks her name. Then, also talks to the model at the end of the video. I feel that's something that should not be in these kind of videos. The model can talk if she wants, but no talking from the person holding the camera.
Other than that, good video.