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She looks amazing and that pussy is gorgeous.
In this first scene of Melanie, we can see why she is so confident to be in Perfect Gonzo. As soon as she sheds her thong, we can see her marvelous ass and her luscious pussy. The texture of her skin especially of her vulva looks very soft and quite different from other girls. Her tits are small but really pretty, she also seems to be happy and proud of them, I like how she smiles while squeezes her boobs. The color of her eyes is also very beautiful. She transforms herself when Melanie takes those dildos inside her and starts playing like she was alone [without the camera]. Is a delight looking her pleasing herself that way. The camera shot when she is using the glass dildo with the sun passing through the window is so perfect, that is my favorite moment of the scene. [-Ramon]
Melanie is cute with a tight little body. I especially liked her tits. Not too big, but a lovely shape. The bad news is she has very little interaction with the camera, which is huge for a solo video. At least for me. She shows to expressions. For the first half of the video she has a smile frozen in time. Remember the Fem-bots from Austin Powers? It's nice to look at, but still. For the second half of the video her eyes are closed in the same way I do when I am fucking a C- while thinking of an A+. She pretty much ignores the fact there is a camera in the room. Beyond that, she does a decent job with the task at hand, no pun intended. Her vocals are muted, but still can be heard. She has lovely skin, a nice pussy, and a lot of potential. Loosen up a bit and she will be a great actress. - Civlor
Melanie gives us an incredibly sensual performance. Her pink dress is draped skin-tight over her round bottom. This angelic beauty looks absolutely stunning as she lays on her side and lets the Sun's rays reflect off of her perfect skin and peach fuzz.
Melanie works her hand under her panties to tease her clit, showing us how soft her pussy lips are in the process.
The close-ups of Melanie's luscious private areas as she strips naked are very well-done.
She rubs oil into her smooth ass cheeks before taking a seat on the couch to reveal the main attraction.
The scene really lives up to it's name as Melanie spreads her pretty lips to give us a great view of her oiled-up pink parts.
When Melanie starts toying with her pussy you can't help but salivate as you imagine sticking your tongue out for a taste of her sweet ass.
The scene ends as usual with a vibrator session, and we hear some sexy moaning as Melanie reaches her climax before spreading for us one final time.
Melanie looks beautiful and wears a stunning pink dress. We follow her into the garden and see her laid on a towel, rubbing her muff. Next, it's inside and her thong is pulled deep into her pussy crack. Nice. It's not long before the glass dildo gets a workout, then it's the magic wand massager and a couple of orgasms. We finish with some nice spread shots of her pink, wet pussy. A decent scene for lovers of pussy 7/10.