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Zafira is one of the best natural performers I’ve ever seen. And this might be the best solo scene of her. I was attracted to this scene because I saw the blooper many months ago on the blog. This lady has everything; she is gorgeous, has personality and has big boobs and a big exquisite ass. I really like all the elements that involve this scene, like the honey and flour on her as for example, not to mention the pressure toy for her vagina that she had problems with [amazing!]. I enjoy every orgasm that she has. I lost track of this beauty, I don’t know if she is still doing porn but I hope to see a new girl, girl scene on here with her, or solo or cum for cover scene. PERFECT/10 [-Ramon VM]
Very happy to see new material from Zafira. She is so gorgeous! As with others I wish she'd do new hardcore but there are some great boy-girl videos with her in the PerfectGonzo archives that you can check out. For now, Zafira's beautful face and body are a treat. I especially enjoyed her spreading her wet pussy for us around the 14:00 mark. Relatively tame but very pretty. Remember when you first saw a beautiful pink pussy spread open just for you? Zafira is ready to share hers and it's a beautiful thing! mmmgood
Zafira is absolutely mesmerizing, in whatever scene she's in. Love the camera work and the leisurely pacing of this scene, which lets us really appreciate how beautiful and sensual she is. My only slight criticism is that I found the scene a bit tame, compared with the old scenes she did for this site. It's a pity she doesn't do b/g anymore. A b/b/g or b/g/g scene with her would be amazing!
Perhaps, however, you might be able to persuade her to do some LESS TAME g/g or g/g/g scenes, such as an anal-focused scene with, say, Angelik Duval and Tiffany Doll, or Henessy and Valentina Nappi.
At the end of this scene, when I saw Zafira's incredible ass all oiled and sprinkled, I said, they've got to shoot some more scenes that focus on that part of her wonderful body. Please get her back!
Zafira is an auto-download. No questions asked. She is in my top 10. She would be in my top 5 if she did more hardcore. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the business and has almost perfect tits. I could just sit here and watch her work herself over. This is exactly what is in store for this video. She plays with her tits to the point that I want to move to wherever she lives. I will learn Hungarian or whatever language she speaks. She works herself over with a series of dildos, which strangely make me jealous of inanimate objects. Then, straight out of hentai or possibly Star Trek, she starts pumping her pussy. Not in the way we all wish. Is that to make it bigger? Is having a huge bulbous pussy a good thing now? She is then oiled and sprinkled with Splenda, much to my charing. Overall, a great video, but only because Zafira was in it. - Civlor